J.K Rowling: 'Harambe Is Not A Patronus On Pottermore'

Now Pottermore Lets You Find Out Your Patronus (J.K. Rowling Got a Heron)

A multiple-choice Patronus quiz, designed by J.K. Rowling herself, is the latest feature on Pottermore designed to match you with your animal protector. And because, well, the internet, Rowling has had to make a few things very clear.

As you take the test, two or three words pop up and you have a short time (like, seriously short — take too long and you'll have to start again) to click one instinctively.

Her new one is a heron, but mythical creatures are also possible — unicorns included. What's not included? Well...

I got a manx cat. And what I'd really like to know is what that means, but there's no news on if (or when) that will ever be added.

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