iPhone Glitch Transforms Cats Into Caterpillars 

iPhone Glitch Transforms Cats Into Caterpillars 

Digital photography is reliable, consistent and increasingly easy to use. But when it screws up, boy does it screw up. Image: hanamomoact/Twitter

Panoramic shots on the iPhone in particular seem prone to some bizarre aberrations that squash or stretch objects. So a photographer who goes by Hanamomo on Twitter figured out a creative way to turn this bug into a feature.

According to Rocketnews, Hanamomo lives near Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates. By moving her camera in the same same direction some of these desert cats were walking, panorama mode essentially copies and pastes the same cat onto itself over time — like a glitchy Windows 98 window. The result is a very, very long cat with entirely too many legs.

Although the cats themselves are an affront to nature, it’s hard not to applaud hanamomoact for her ingenuity.