Inflatable Moon And A Typhoon Joined Forces To Destroy This City

Video: As typhoon Meranti inches closer to China, the category 5 tropical cyclone could produce 370km/h winds causing untold millions in damage. And to make matters even worse, it has apparently now joined forces with the moon in the city of Fuzhou to wreak even more havoc. It's well known that the moon, which affects the Earth's tides, can increase the damage caused by a storm in coastal areas. But this is the first time we're seeing our closest celestial neighbour directly causing harm to our planet. Even though it's just a giant inflatable version of the moon from an art exhibit that broke free of its tethers due to high winds, it's still large enough to stop traffic, knock people down and just be a general nuisance in a time when the city is trying to prepare for another threat en route. Mars is starting to look really tempting right about now.

[YouTube via Shanghaiist]

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