Here Are All The Coolest New Rogue One Toys That Were Revealed Today

Here Are All The Coolest New Rogue One Toys That Were Revealed Today

The swathe of Rogue One toys that will be coming to peril your cash savings before the movie releases this December has been revealed. Want to know what’ll be tickling your wallet till all its cash comes out when it comes to Rogue One? Here’s what we’ve seen so far.

3.75″ Action Figures

The bread and butter of your Star Wars toy line are always going to be action figures, and Rogue One is no exception. In this years’ Hasbro line of five-points-of-articulation figures ($US8 ($11) each), there’s a mix of characters from The Force Awakens, and Star Wars Rebels, but if you’re looking just for Rogue, there’s figures of Jyn Erso, K-2SO, a Stormtrooper, and an Imperial Ground Crewman. Want to see more? We have a first look right here.

Ships and Vehicles

Those figures have got to fly in something, right? For Rebels, there’s the U-Wing ($US50 ($66)) complete with a Cassian Andor figure, and for the Empire there’s the new TIE Striker ($US40 ($53)), complete with a TIE pilot that’s in scale with the other 3.75″ toys.

If you want to spend some major bucks, though, then the new remote-controlled AT-ACT might be up your street for a hefty price tag ($US300 ($397)). Controllable by remote or through a smart device, the AT-ACT stomps around, plays lights and sounds, and moves its head. It can also open up its cargo hold to store extra figures, and comes with figures of Jyn Erso, an AT-ACT driver, and an Astromech droid.

Black Series Action Figures

If you want something a bit bigger or a bit more poseable, the collector — oriented Black Series is getting a new wave of 6″ toys ($US20 ($26) each) that includes a mix of Rogue One and The Force Awakens characters. From Rogue One there’s Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, K-2SO, and the Imperial Death Trooper.

Funko Pop Vinyls

It wouldn’t be a merchandise launch in the 2010s without an army of Funko Pops turning everything they can into tiny little big-headed figures. There are 17 coming out ($US10 ($13) each), including several variants exclusive to places like Target, Walmart, Hot Topic, and more. You can see all of them here.

Elite Series

The Disney Store’s exclusive line of die-cast metal action figures is back after its debut last year, and will pretty much be the only line you can get the entirety of the main Rogue One team come September 30th. Included in the articulated line ($US27 ($36) each) are Jyn, Cassian, Chirrut, Baze, Bohdi, and K-2SO, as well as the Deathtrooper and an Imperial Astromech.


Lego and Star Wars go together like peanut butter and jelly, and Rogue One will be continuing that tradition of bricks in the galaxy far, far away. There’ll be five Lego sets — the Imperial Assault Hovertank ($US30 ($40)), AT-ST ($US40 ($53)), TIE Striker, ($US70 ($93)), U-Wing ($US80 ($106)), and Director Krennic’s Shuttle ($US90 ($119)) — and three “Constraction” buildable figures of Jyn Erso, K-2SO, and the Deathtrooper ($US24.99 ($33) each). If you want to see pictures of every set, our friends over at Kotaku have got pictures of ’em all.

While it’s not technically a Rogue One set, Lego has also announced their humongous Death Star playset ($US500 ($662)) as well. A refresh of its original Death Star release rather than a new model, the 4,016-piece set comes with 23 minifigures allowing you to recreate scenes from A New Hope and Return of the Jedi in the different areas of the gigantic lego sphere of doom.

Roleplaying Toys

If you prefer your toys of the “pretend to shoot stormtroopers all day” variety, then there’s a ton of roleplay toys coming out for the movie. Nerf is releasing blasters based on Cassian ($US20 ($26)), the Deathtrooper ($US35 ($46)), and Jyn’s ($US50 ($66)) weapons that shoot LED-infused darts to make it look like you’re actually pew-pewing out some blaster fire across your home/office. Check out more pictures here in our exclusive gallery.

If you want to splash a bit more cash, you could pretend to be a Stormtrooper yourself with this Black Series talking helmet ($US80 ($106)). This highly detailed replica of the classic Stormtrooper helmet should fit most adults, and also has a voice masker so you can pretend to be one of the faceless drones of the Imperial armed forces to your hearts content. If that’s a bit rich for you, there’s a smaller half-mask of the Deathtrooper ($US27 ($36)) available exclusively at Disney Stores, but it also comes with voice-changing features.

Big Figs

3.75″ and 6″ too small for you? Then Jakks Pacific has you covered with these plus-sized figures of Jyn Erso and a Stormtrooper, both clocking in at an impressively large 20″ ($US20 ($26) each). Like the smallest figures, they have five points of articulation, but are big and sturdy enough to handle the roughest play sessions for a kid. If that’s too big, you can compromise with 12″ tall versions of Jyn and the Deathtrooper ($US10 ($13) each).

Hot Wheels

Mattel will be releasing small models of a few of the ships from the film as part of their Star Wars Hot Wheels line. There’ll be a U-Wing ($US5 ($7)) and a two-pack featuring an X-Wing and a battle-damaged version of the new TIE Striker ($US10 ($13)).

If you’d prefer your Star Wars characters turned into souped-up cars however, there’s also a two pack of Stormtrooper- and Deathtrooper-themed Hot Wheels ($US8 ($11)).


Finally, over in Japan Bandai will be releasing multiple Rogue One characters in its hyper-articulated Figurarts line alongside familiar favourites like Han Solo in A New Hope, and a new version of Kylo Ren without his mask on. The Rogue One figures all have an Imperial theme (even if one of them is actually an ex-Imperial) — there’ll be 6″ figures of the Shoretrooper, Deathtrooper, Stormtrooper, and K-2SO out in Japan late this year and in early 2017.

Aside from these, which you’ll have to import if you want them as soon as possible, all of other toys above will be available from September 30t onwards, with select items being made available for pre-order from tomorrow (if you want to avoid last year’s mania).