Fitmodo: The New Apple Watch Series 2 Is Swim-Resistant

Fitmodo: The New Apple Watch Series 2 Is Swim-Resistant

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This week:

Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Watch Series 2

To have it work for you, you’ll need to be running iPhone 5 or later running iOS 10 (releasing 14 September) or later. Of course, you could do that by buying a new iPhone 7.

Withings Hides Top Fitness Tracking Features In Attractive Watch

Instead of using an LCD or OLED display to provide feedback on the wearer’s activities, the Activité and Activité Pop both featured a traditional analogue watch face with a smaller dial in one corner showing how close the user was to their pre-defined fitness goal — be it steps taken, calories burned or other metrics configured in the Withings app.

Brains: It’s Not The Size That Counts

Also catching our eye:

  • Millions of people are expected to watch the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro over 11 days this September. Chances are you will see a swimmer with one leg on the blocks next to another swimmer with two legs and two arms. So how that can be fair? The secret is a process called classification, and Lifehacker Australia has the details.
  • Finding love online is hard, about as difficult as getting through a Tough Mudder obstacle course. But if you’re up for the challenge, this year you can quit Tinder (Bumble, Happn, Hinge, the lot!) and focus all your love-finding attention on Tough Mudder. Popsugar Australia shows you how.