DJI's Osmo Mobile Is The Actual Ultimate Selfie Stick

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The DJI Osmo is an amazingly powerful videography tool for the smartphone generation, incorporating multiple-axis stabilisation and a dedicated 4K camera. But if you don't need 4K, or if you're more concerned with Snapchat than you are with Tropfest, then the Osmo Mobile is your new go-to — it's a "smartphone extension" with three-axis gimbal stabilisation and smooth panning control. Y'know, like a selfie stick if you fed the selfie stick those pills from Limitless.

Most people probably know DJI more for its Phantom drones than its video equipment, but we've used an Osmo before and fell in love with how ridiculously smooth and shake-free you can capture video, with three separate axes of image stabilisation coming from the Osmo's gimbals. The Osmo Mobile inherits that, but gives away the integrated camera module for a simple smartphone clip-in mount, which should accept any phone between 59mm and 85mm in width.

Connecting to your phone — iOS or Android — over Bluetooth, the Osmo works with DJI's compatible GO app, which incorporates a few nifty software features like a time-lapse mode, live streaming support, camera exposure settings and active object tracking. You can also use it to capture smooth panoramas. If you're a fan of portrait filming — why, oh why — there's even a dedicated operation mode for that.

Sure, its uses are pretty niche, but if you're the kind of person that takes a lot of video while you're travelling, or if you're an amateur filmmaker on a pretty tight budget, the Osmo Mobile actually looks really cool. It's already up for sale on DJI's website or $US299. [DJI]

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