Deals: 3 Essential Hacks For Any Traveling Tech Head

Deals: 3 Essential Hacks For Any Traveling Tech Head

Staying plugged in and charged up is a big challenge for any traveling techie. That’s why we’re lending you a hand, by offering a list of travel hacks to make your life easier on the road and can be found in one hybrid battery and wall charger pack for only $29.16.

  1. Buy an extra set of cables and chargers specifically for travel. You’ll always have them ready to toss into your suitcase at a moment’s notice, and you’ll never forget one! The Uiee Portable Battery & Charger is compact and uniquely designed with a retractable cable, so that it will never tangle in your bag.
  2. For a simple carrying solution, store any loose cables or batteries in an old sunglasses case. It’s the perfect solution for those small items that constantly disappear on trips.
  3. Always keep a portable battery on hand for when you need a little extra charge on your flight. The Uiee will come in handy once again since it doubles as an external battery, allowing you to power your devices even when you’re nowhere near a wall outlet. It packs 1050 mAh of extra power and, unlike other battery packs, is very lightweight.

These travel hacks are sure to keep you powered and organised on the road. The Uiee Portable Battery & Wall Charger will help you handle all of these, saving you valuable time. It’s now on sale for 25% off, or only $29.16 AUD [$21.99 USD].

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