Apple's iPhone 7 Ad Is A Little Bit Weird

Video: 2001: A Space Odyssey. That's the vibe I'm getting from Apple's first official iPhone 7 ad — in beautiful high-contrast black and white, with sound from the same dude that did Inception and the THX noise. It's just a little bit odd.

The weird bit we're talking about is in the first five seconds of the video, with an owl and a forest and a stag popping up in fast succession and assaulting your senses with full-on nature. There's a lot of stereographic imagery in the video, too — clearly referencing the iPhone 7 Plus' dual cameras — and plenty of weather sounds, accompanying the fattest rain drops you've ever seen falling on a (waterproof!) iPhone.

But it's awesome. It sounds incredible, it looks incredible, and it makes me want to buy an iPhone. (Mission accomplished, Apple.)

Around the office, we're getting a lot of similarly dark comparisons, like The Ring meets Slender, a black and white horror film promoting a gorgeous new iPhone. Whatever you think, you have to admit that this is a cool piece of advertising, even if it is a little bit avant garde. [YouTube]

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