Under The Hood: Intel’s New 3D SSDs And New PC Cases

Under The Hood: Intel’s New 3D SSDs And New PC Cases

Is your PC chugging along just loading web pages? Thinking about an upgrade? It’s probably a good idea to check in here — Under The Hood tells you what’s new this week in PC tech.

Intel’s New 600p 3D NAND SSDs

A few months after Crucial jumped on the 3D NAND bandwagon pushed along by Samsung, Intel has the same with a range of new 3D flash storage designed for everything from mainstream notebooks to high-end data centre applications. The 600p is probably the most interesting to us, mainly because it’s built in that awesome cable-free M.2 form factor.

Silverstone Introduces Its First Mini-STX Chassis For $US35

Mini-STX is a new form factor for motherboards that’s even smaller than the miniscule Mini-ITX, shrinking that 17x17cm square board into a positively tiny 12.7×12.7cm chassis. There’s a trade-off though, with no full-length PCI-Express slot and an external power brick. Silverstone has its fist chassis announced, and it’s really quite cheap at $US35.

Nvidia’s New GeForce Laptop GPUs Are Just As Powerful As A Desktop PC

This is an FYI, just in case you missed it a fortnight ago. When Nvidia released its latest Pascal graphics cards for desktop PCs, it signalled a significant jump in outright performance from the previous Maxwell generation. Nvidia has taken that leap further with a new range of 10-series graphics chipsets for gaming laptops, and unlike in previous generations they’re not operating at a huge performance disadvantage versus desktops.