This, Um, Unfortunate Supergirl Ad Is Totally Fake

This, Um, Unfortunate Supergirl Ad Is Totally Fake

Do you notice anything weird about this ad for the new season of Supergirl that’s coming out in October on the CW network? Look closer…

Yeah, that’s unfortunate. Too bad the dozens of people at CW didn’t catch that, right? Well, as Buzzfeed points out, the ad is completely fake.

The original ad simply reads “Superman is coming to Supergirl,” not “Superman is coming in Supergirl.”

The creator of the original ad appears to have taken the alterations quite personally:

Given the lifespan of Thing on the Internet™, it’s tough to say when things “die.” In a sense, the altered version of the poster will probably live on forever. But in another way, the altered version will probably be yesterday’s news by midnight.

Either way, if you see this one online, let people know that it’s too good to be true.