This Melbourne Hip-Hop Artist Just Released An Entire Music Video On Snapchat

Video: I'm not a millennial. I'm not very good at social media. I can't even get a 10-second Snapchat video to work properly. If you need someone to educate you on that, though, meet Melbourne hip-hop artist Ryland Rose — he's your guy. Ry just debuted his new single, Almost Famous & Broke, entirely through Snapchat, and it's goddamn amazing. If dancing emoji and flower halo filters are your thing, at least.

Seriously. As someone that doesn't really even get how Snapchat works, this kind of thing is totally indistinguishable from magic. Pretty much every Snapchat filter you can think of — you know, from the one with the dog face and tongue, to face-swaps with Kim Kardashian and other celebrities, to the one where you just draw a bunch of squiggles on the screen — makes an appearance. This is skill.

Sure, it's not the first music video to hit Snapchat, but we've got to rep Aussie talent and respect the work that has gone into this. Even just the commitment to getting through what would have been dozens of different Snaps is a massive achievement. And on top of that, it's a solid tune, and great fun to watch.

The track is about Ry's lack of funds — to take his girl out, to travel the world, to live the rap lifestyle — and it's blowing up right now on Facebook, just cracking 50,000 views since Monday. If you're still unconvinced, have a quick listen on YouTube below — it's actually pretty damn good:

By the way — if you recognise his name, it's because he's the guy that rapped over Siri beatboxing for his entry into the Triple J Hottest 100. [YouTube / Facebook]

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