This Jungle Book Poster Is Just As Lush As The Movie

This Jungle Book Poster Is Just As Lush As The Movie

The fact Jon Favreau’s remake of The Jungle Book was so damn good was a huge surprise to film fans. No one was looking forward to yet another live-action remake of another classic animated Disney film, but the director and his team vastly improved on the original.

When you experience that kind of success, you’re bound to inspire other artists — which is exactly what Favreau’s film did to artist Daniel Danger. Immediately after seeing the film, Danger had a vision for a poster. Thankfully, he’s friends with the team at Mondo, and now they have collaborated with Cyclops Print Works to release that poster. Here’s Danger’s poster for The Jungle Book:

This is a 61 x 91cm screenprint that will be released this Tuesday, August 31 on at 12:00AM AEST. It will remain on sale through 3:00AM September 3. They will print as many as are sold.

However, if you’re into the more limited thing, at the same time, Mondo and Cyclops will sell this variant which is limited to just 225. Those will be on sale at

Danger also released this video explaining how an insanely beautiful and detailed piece like this gets created.