The Air Force Just Cleared The F-35 Fighter Jet For Combat

After a stunning 15 years of development and countless delays, the US Air Force just declared the first squadron of F-35A fighter jets ready for combat. The 34th Fighter Squadron at Utah's Hill Air Force Base can now go fight bad guys anywhere in the world. Image: AP

This marks a major victory for the US Air Force and represents the second branch to clear the very expensive jet for battle. The military can finally prove that the trillion or so dollars the Pentagon has committed to the project wasn't a waste of taxpayer dollars. After all, what could go wrong that hasn't already gone wrong?



    This marks a major victory for the US Air ForceReally? Why do I get the feeling the "Hype machine" is about to go into overdrive. Let's see how it actually performs in battle, no wait, we don't need another war, let's see how it performs in a wargames situation against comparable, or even older jets first.

      Been there and done that.

      It won hands down.

      8 F-15Es shot down for zero losses to the F-35 if I recall correctly.

        And you don't think they might've fudged the figures just a little bit to keep prospective customers on the hook? Either way, this bloody thing is waaay too expensive and waay too far past it's supposed completion date. We should drop it now before we go broke honoring an impossible debt.

          Since this was a war game conducted BY the airforce, you know, the one you were referring to as "the customer", with actual airforce pilots in actual F-35s flying against actual airforce pilots in actual F-15s which are part of their national opfor team and so get a hell of a lot more flying time than regular pilots, how do you propose they fuged the numbers?

          If they somehow sabotaged the F-15s to make them not fly as well, the pilots who fly them all the time would notice and abort the game.

          Unless you're saying they did something to the F-35 to make them fly better, in which case, is that not the point?

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            "is that not the point?"
            My point, is that this thing is berated by any expert that has any info on it and I can only imagine that would be more than your own clearly large library on the subject (I'm being sincere on that). My point, is that the thing is Ludicrously way over priced. My point, is that we, as in we Aussies and pollies in particular, are idiots for spending that much money when we clearly should be managing our funds better.
            Either way, it seems you are a passionate advocate for this thing because I see you defend it any point this subject is reported, so no one is going to change your mind on the subject. All I can say to you is that should at least consider the cost and our current economic environment. Oh, and those pilots will be under a strict no tell classification and none of them are going to say anything but good things about it to the public

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    The mode of combat that the Air Force is talking about requires the limited use of weapons. The software update (Block 3F) required to fully aim guns, missile and bomb is not yet finished and won't be till late 2021.

      Is there a typo in that article? It also states "...Block 3F software development is 98% complete and due to be rolled out in the third quarter of 2017."

    Makes you realise how amazing the advances in technology around the WWII period were.

    They spent 1 trillion dollars to achieve (questionable) incremental improvements. In a genuine global conflict surely air superiority very quickly becomes a matter of number of planes, pilots, availability of fuel/ammo etc over slight combat advantages of the planes themselves? Maybe some nations have become too accustomed to fighting enemies equipped only with AK-47's and religious fervour?

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