Tesla’s Model X SUV: The Complete Australian Pricing

Tesla’s Model X SUV:  The Complete Australian Pricing
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A couple of years after the Tesla Motors Model S all-electric luxury sedan launched into the Australian market, we’re also getting its newer, larger sibling. Based on the same chassis and electric motor and lithium ion battery setup, the Tesla Model X will cost roughly the same price, with the most basic twin-motor all-wheel drive Model X 60D starting at a $111,900 RRP. And it’ll be in Australia before Christmas.

Tesla will sell four different but visually identical variants of the Model X in Australia, with the aforementioned Model X 60D at the base of the range using a 60kWh lithium-ion battery pack capable of 355km of range (using the New European Driving Cycle standard estimate), with a 0-100km/h speed of 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 210km/h. That version’s battery is software-locked to 60kWh, but can be unlocked after purchase with an over-the-air update to the full 75kWh capacity.

That Model X 60D has a $111,900 RRP. Luxury Car Tax, registration, compulsory third-party insurance and stamp duty costs drive the price of the Model X up to $123,958.20 in ACT, $125,966.20 in QLD, $127,113.05 in NT, $128,307.23 in TAS, $128,402.20 in SA, $129,255.20 in NSW, $130,087.20 in VIC and $131,650.84 in WA. these prices are all within $5000 of the price of an equivalent Model S 60D, and keeps Tesla’s local pricing in line with its US parent, where the Model S 60D’s $US71,000 price is closely shadowed by the Model X 60D’s $US74,000.

The next step up is the Model X 75D, a mechanically identical car but with the full 75kWh battery pack, at a $125,000 RRP. That translates into $140,988 in ACT, $143,336 in QLD, $144,652.85 in NT, $146,017.03 in TAS, $145,112 in SA, $147,135 in NSW, $148,001 in VIC and $149,834.08 in WA after Luxury Car Tax, stamp duty, CTP and registration costs are tacked on. The Model X 75D’s 6.2sec 0-100km/h speed, 210km/h top speed, and 245kW/525Nm overall power output ratings are the same as the 60D, but range increases to 417km NEDC rated.

The top battery capacity variety is the Model X 90D, with the same electric motor power (193kW front and rear, but a 311kW overall rating — electric cars’ combined motor output is calculated weirdly) but a larger 90Wkh battery pack and different power inverter setup that means 489km NEDC range. The larger pack capacity actually translates into better performance figures, with a 5.0-sec 0-100km/h sprint and a 250km/h top speed, with a higher 660Nm torque calculation. The Model X 90D will cost $143,000 RRP in Australia. That translates into $164,388 in ACT, $167,204 in QLD, $168,754.85 in NT, $170,353.03 in TAS, $170,448 in SA, $171,705 in NSW, $172,617.80 in VIC and $174,754.35 in WA after Luxury Car Tax, stamp duty, CTP and registration costs are tacked on.


A specced-up performance variant of the top 90kWh battery pack variant of the Model X, the Model X P90D actually has a lower 467km NEDC range rating, but compensates with a 4.0sec 0-100km/h time and the same 250km/h top speed. Its motor power is significantly higher with a 375kW unit on the rear axle and the same 193kW motor at the front axle, with a combined 346kW overall power — yep, we told you dual electric motor power calculations were all screwy. The P90D’s $172,100 Australian RRP translates into into $202,218 in ACT, $205,790 in QLD, $207,718.85 in NT, $209,695.03 in TAS, $209,790 in SA, $211,425 in NSW, $212,413,40 in VIC and $215,044.03 in WA after Luxury Car Tax, stamp duty, CTP and registration costs are tacked on.

On top of that, the Ludicrous speed upgrade drops the P90D — generally referred to as the P90DL by fans — to 3.4sec 0-100km/h, with a overall torque calculation of 967Nm and 397kW of combined electric motor power. It’s achieved with a higher power inverter and battery fuse combination using an inconel ‘smart fuse’ rather than a standard steel one, which could not handle the higher current necessary. In the US the Ludicrous speed upgrade is a $US10,000 option, and in Australia the similar Model S Ludicrous upgrade costs $15,000 — so a similar price is likely.

At the moment, the Tesla Design Studio website for the Model X is not available in Australia, but in the US the Model X’s design studio shows a variety of optional extras that drastically change the nature of the car from its basic purchasing variant. The interior layout, for example, can be switched between the standard 5-seat layout (two front, three rear) for a 6-seat (two front, two middle, two rear) or a 7-seat (two front, three rear, two fold-flat rear-facing) for $US3000 and $US4000 respectively. Autopilot is a $US2500 extra or can be enabled over-the-air after delivery for $US3000.

Various internal and mechanical upgrades are available to Model X buyers like they are for the Model S. A Premium Upgrades Package ($US4500) includes the Bioweapon Defense Mode HEPA cabin air filter, self-opening front doors and some interior tweaks like ventilated seats and leather/alcantara accents throughout. The four-level adjustable Smart Air Suspension that we loved on the Model is a $US2500 extra, only available on the top two models, while a higher quality 17-speaker system is $US2500 as well. Beyond that, there’s a $US750 towing package, a $US200 accessory hitch and a $US1500 high amperage charger that may not be available when the car is localised for Australian voltages and ADR standards.

From Tesla: “Model X is the safest, quickest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history. Following on from the success of the Model S, the Model X is on its way with a range of pricing options revealed today.

“The Model X product line will consist of the 60D, 75D, 90D and P90D. The entry-level variant of the Model X, the 60D has been added to allow more people the ability to own a Tesla. The versatile product platform and efficient manufacturing processes allow Tesla to seamlessly extend new options for our vehicles, giving customers the flexibility to choose the model, price point, and range that best fits their lifestyle.

“The top of the range Model X P90D will deliver up to 467km of range, a top speed of up to 250km/h, zero-to-100 acceleration in as quick as 3.4 seconds, and all-wheel drive performance.”

We’ll let you know the second we sit down inside a Tesla Model X for review. Stay tuned!