Someone Made A Miniature Of The Original Iron Throne And Ouch My Butt

Someone Made A Miniature Of The Original Iron Throne And Ouch My Butt

The Iron Throne is one of the most iconic images in Game of Thrones, and yet it’s always been a bit, well, lacklustre. Now, someone’s taken it upon themselves to make a throne worthy of the Ruler of Westeros — or, at least, their LEGOs.

Photo Credit: Screengrab via Sky Make Things

It’s no secret that the Iron Throne from the show is not the one many fans have envisioned from the books. That includes A Song of Ice and Fire author George RR Martin, who’s never quite gotten into the melted down armchair that now graces Cersei Lannister’s royal bum. He even commented on it back in 2013 on his LiveJournal.

“It’s not the Iron Throne I see when I’m working on The Winds of Winter. It’s not the Iron Throne I want my readers to see. The way the throne is described in the books [is] huge, hulking, black and twisted,” Martin wrote.

The version exalted by Martin and pretty much every other ASOIAF fan is this painting by Marc Simonetti. It’s a lot taller, a lot meaner and it has a hell of a lot more pointy swords. While it’s probably too big to build in someone’s backyard, there’s now a baby version we can ogle at.

YouTuber D. Schuyler Burks of Sky Make Things released a montage video Saturday where he built the original Iron Throne based on Simonetti’s concept art. The video itself is about 8-minutes, but it looks like it took a hell of a long time to cut, paint, and assemble everything. The result is pretty damn impressive.

The video is the first part of a series where he makes miniature versions of famous chairs. I am curious what other chairs could even be included in the series. Captain Kirk’s captain chair, maybe, or Odin’s throne from Thor. Or Professor X’s wheelchair from X-Men. Ooh, that would look awesome.