Open Channel: How ‘Much Worse’ Can Things Get On The Walking Dead?

Open Channel: How ‘Much Worse’ Can Things Get On The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead‘s heroes have already survived zombie hoards, cannibals, and being hit in the head by Negan (with one pending exception). But that’s apparently only the beginning of the shit that’s getting hurled their way.

In an interview with Deadline, executive producer, director, and Emmy-winning makeup effects artist Greg Nicotero said, “It’s going to to get a lot worse before it gets better for our group.” Given that the show has at least 12 possible seasons planned, with no definitive end in sight, that’s years upon years upon years of soul-draining misery with a slice of “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.”

The season 7 premiere alone sounds like what you get when you watch the Red Wedding while moonlighting as Jared Leto’s personal assistant from the Suicide Squad shoot, at least according to Nicotero.

“You know, after directing the premiere episode, I was fucked up for two weeks, you know? I really felt like I dragged a lot of my dearest friends into these really deep, dark places shooting that episode, and it’s been definitely an experience unlike anything that I’ve ever handled before,” he said.

So I’m left wondering: How the hell can things get worse? I already feel like I need to take a shower after every season finale. It feels like the show keeps asking itself, “How can I make this more uncomfortable and painful for Beth to watch?” Except when they’re at a farm, then I’m just bored.

For the record, I haven’t read the comics, so I have no idea where things can go from here. All I know at this point is the Saviors suck, Negan is awesome, and they both have a lot of spare time to set up elaborate path traps. Negan is obviously going to be a key villain for Season 7, and I’m looking forward to that, but I’m not sure if he’ll still be around by Season 8. Especially if they’re already maybe looking for villains to take up his mantle.

So you tell me, how do you think The Walking Dead will get worse for our heroes? It could be a scene from the comics or, hell, make something up. Just keep it clean, guys, we’re not doing zombie fanfic here.