HP’s Best Cheap Laptop Just Got Even Better

HP’s Best Cheap Laptop Just Got Even Better

When you hear “Best HP Laptop”, you probably think of the impressively thin Spectre 13 or maybe one of HP’s high-end hybrids. But sometimes greatness doesn’t come with an outlandish price tag. The HP Stream, maybe the best Windows laptop you can buy for just $299, just got a much deserved upgrade.

The biggest update is actually a completely new machine: A 14-inch HP Stream that replaces the previous 13.3-inch model. Despite its increased size though, the 14-inch Stream is impressively thinner and lighter. The machine also comes with an upgraded Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and about 11 hours of battery life (according to HP). But again, what makes the Stream series so intriguing is its price. Ranging from $US200 ($260) to $US250 ($325) depending on the model (though Australian pricing has yet to be confirmed), it’s hard to argue that you’re not getting a damn good deal.

In the Windows 10 era, cheap PCs are facing some serious competition from Chromebooks, especially after Google’s decision to bring the Android app store to the platform. But if it’s Windows you want, you likely won’t find more for the money.

The Steam 11 and 14 will be available in select countries in late August and earlier September, respectively.

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