How Mercedes Revolutionised The Driving Experience, Again

How Mercedes Revolutionised The Driving Experience, Again

Since Karl Benz built the world’s first car in 1886, the Mercedes-Benz has been pioneering how we drive. From the internal combustion engine, anti-lock brakes and crumple zones, the company has continuously invented and reinvented. Always changing what it means to be the best driving machine.

The all new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the next step in this evolution. Boasting over 100 million lines of code, sheathed in a body that is the embodiment of ultra-modern stylishness and refined sportiness. The breakthrough is Mercedes-Benz’ new Intelligent Drive; a series of sensors, cameras and systems that push the boundaries, comprehensively networking man and machine.

For starters when Drive Pilot is activated, the car can automatically regulate speed and maintain safe gaps when you’re driving for long periods of time. The braking system works to reduce braking distance and response times in the wet and dry, and keeps the vehicle from rolling during a hill start. Meanwhile, lane tracking warns you if you start to drift and can even correct your course when necessary.

But this is all before we get to the most revolutionary part of the E-Class; Drive Pilot. It combines a bunch of this functionality to control the distance to the car in front, vehicle speed and even support steering. Well on the way to autonomous driving, in other words. The E-Class picks up the strain of driving — especially long distances — to ensure an enjoyable experience.

But Intelligent Drive is just one of a series of custom packages that allow you to tailor a car for driving perfection. The all new E-Class also features as standard an air suspension package, across the E300 and above allowing the drive to precisely control the suspension at each wheel, to achieve their own balance of sport and comfort.

To cap it off, Mercedes has developed a 9-speed automatic transmission, allowing for fast and hardly perceptible gear changes. And this, too, can be tailored. With Five dynamic transmission modes, you even more control over your experience.

This, after all, may be the biggest revolution of the all new E-Class — it’s a car that complements you.

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