Feast Your Eyes On This Custom HP Omen X Gaming PC Case

Image: Maingear

Image Cache: Built by the custom gaming PC team at Maingear, this unique cross-shaped PC case for HP's high-performance Omen X is a water-cooled, SLI graphics card, factory-overclocked, custom-painted monster. If you have the free desk space for it, it'll make a lasting impression — and you can make it yours for as little as $US3000.

Assembled by hand in New Jersey, each Maingear variant of the Omen X uses hardline liquid cooling and the company's carefully routed 'origami wiring', which hides away all the power for your CPU and GPU and motherboard and any pin-outs for USB, fans and case buttons. It's a distinctly different beast to the other Omen X produce we've seen art of so far, the fully integrated VR backpack teased in May, but it's equally cool.

The case uses three separate chambers to house radiators cooling the different heat-producing components — and with Intel's Broadwell-E server-grade CPUs and twin Nvidia graphics, all of which can be factory overclocked for an extra price, there's a lot of heat to be exhausted. You can spec this monster with up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM and up to four hard drives or SSDs, too.

All images: Maingear

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