Did Somebody Say Beetlejuice On Broadway?

Did Somebody Say Beetlejuice On Broadway?

Come on Broadway, you know you’re not supposed to say his name three times. Apparently somebody must have broken the rules, as The New York Post reports that a stage version of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice is in the works.

The article states that the show will be directed by Alex Timbers, who was recently replaced as the director for Broadway’s production of Frozen (because we can’t get enough of Frozen Fever apparently).

It’s said that the size of the production overwhelmed him, even though he has credits with other big-budget shows such as the flop Rocky: The Musical, but he also directed The Pee-Wee Herman Show for HBO, which was nominated for an Emmy and Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, which was fanfiction about history before Hamilton, and earned him a Tony nomination.

Details are scarce, but Beetlejuice is expected to hit the stage for the 2018-2019 season. I guess if we’re not going to get a film remake of it, we might as well get a musical one. We have to wonder if any numbers from the film will be recreated on stage (specifically the one that I’m sure you’re think about right now).

Umm, what else can I say. Oh look, I said it three times. Good luck folks.

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