Come Get Your New Hopes For More Young Justice Crushed Once More

Come Get Your New Hopes For More Young Justice Crushed Once More

A familiar face crops up in new Thor: Ragnarok set pictures. Greg Berlanti denies the latest Flash casting rumours. Chloe Bennet talks Daisy’s journey in the early episodes of Agents of SHIELD‘s fourth season. Plus, more The Handmaid’s Tale casting, and new details on Son of Zorn. Behold, spoilers!

Come Get Your New Hopes For More Young Justice Crushed Once More

The Monolith

A film adaptation of the comic book by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey, a retelling of classic golem mythological tales in contemporary Brooklyn, is in development at Lionsgate. Dave Wilson will direct from a script by Barnett Brettler. [THR]

Thor: Ragnarok

Here’s a new picture of Anthony Hopkins on set as a ragged-looking Odin.

Young Justice

Speculation has been running wild that a new season of the beloved, cancelled DC animated series was on its way to Netflix has been circulating, mainly thanks to a fan posting at the DC Cinematic subreddit claiming that writer Peter David had confirmed he’d been approached by Netflix with a deal for the third season.

However, when the thread was brought to Young Justice producer Greg Weisman’s attention, he firmly denied that any talks had happened yet — and David chipped in too to confirm much the same:

That’s a pretty big “yet” from Weisman, but for now, it’s no dice on season three.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Joseph Fiennes has joined the cast as Commander Fred Waterford, one of Gilead’s founding fathers and a “powerful, high-ranking official” living at the house that main character Offred serves as a handmaiden for. [Coming Soon]


Naian Gonzalez Norvind has been cast the Mad Hatter’s sister, Alice Tetch.[Variety]

The Flash

Greg Berlanti has taken to social media to firmly deny rumours that Todd Lasance has been cast as new villain Savitar:

…presumably because Todd Lasance has been cast as The Rival, another evil speedster, according to TV Line. [TV Line]

Here’s a new promo for season three.


Episode 5×05 is titled “Human Target” — unsurprising, considering the show just cast the Human Target.

Agents of SHIELD

Chloe Bennet spoke at length with THR about Daisy’s role and becoming Quake in the next season:

It all stems from this hurt that she’s going through. It’s not necessarily her being this great superhero all of a sudden. She really becomes Quake because of the past she’s had and the loss she’s dealing with. It’s not perfect. That’s why Marvel resonates with so many people, the level of imperfection that these so-called superheroes have. She becomes Quake because she goes rogue, because every time she gets close to someone they die. Her mom tried to kill her and her dad had to kill her mom and her first boyfriend was like a Nazi — she’s had a rough go these past couple of years.
Having her boyfriend Lincoln sacrifice himself for her when she was going to do it for him and die in that heroic, tragic way while talking to her, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Her way of protecting the people that she cares about is really by distancing herself from them and not letting anyone else get close to her. In her mind, that’s her way of showing love to the people she cares about.
I don’t think it will last very long, but we’re on episode three and I’ve had some of the best days I’ve ever had shooting these scenes. I’m doing some of the most crazy stunts I’ve ever done. It’s laced with all this pain and resentment. She’s seeking penance for the loss that she feels responsible for.
The reason she’s so independent this season is for all the wrong reasons this time around, unfortunately. She’s trying really hard and I know her intentions are to do right by her team by distancing herself from them but she’s actually hurting them and I don’t think she’s making the right decisions. Her independence is coming from a certain sadness and she’s running from something instead of being truly independent in this case. I’d like to see her resolve that.

Son of Zorn

Finally, synopses for the first two episodes have been released:

In the series’ special preview episode, “Return to Orange County,” airing Sunday, Sept. 11 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT), Zorn (Sudeikis) travels from his native land of Zephyria to California to visit his son, Alangulon, aka Alan (Johnny Pemberton, “21 Jump Street”). While there, he learns that his ex-wife, Edie (Cheryl Hines, “Curb Your Enthusiasm“), has a fiancé (Tim Meadows, “Saturday Night Live“). But to reconnect with his son, Zorn stays and obtains a job where, despite his “unique” qualities, he is welcomed by his new boss (Artemis Pebdani, “Scandal,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia“).
In the all-new series premiere episode, “Defender of Teen Love,” airing Sunday, Sept. 25 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT), Zorn rediscovers the mystical “Stone of Sight” in an old box and uses it to help Alan get closer to his crush, Nancy. Meanwhile, Edie tells Zorn to move his boxes out of her garage and into his apartment.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.