5 Father's Day USB Gadgets For A Tech-Savvy Dad

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Do you constantly text your Dad just to get no reply — because his phone is out of battery? Well, take the opportunity of Father's Day to fix that once and for all. We've got chargers, cables, battery packs and organisers aplenty in here, so take a look.

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Smorgasbord Organisers

These multi-device chargers are a great way to consolidate your Dad's gadgets in one place. Smorgasbord makes a range of a few different organisers — we've tried out the Hjemhub, and we really like it for charging a few different devices at once. If your Dad has a work phone and a personal phone, and maybe a tablet as well, it's a great way to keep them all together and fully charged.

From $99

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Nonda ZUS Kevlar USB Cable

We all know how often charging cables break — and it's a lot. We've gone through dozens of different cables trying to find one that lasts for a long time, but the ZUS Kevlar cable from Nonda is just about the only one that we haven't managed to destroy. The ZUS is wrapped in Kevlar, it has a right-angle USB port that stops you from tearing it out accidentally. It's great.


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Belkin USB-C Car Charger

USB Type-C devices are getting more and more common, and part of the USB-C standard means faster charging. Gadgets like the new Apple MacBook will charge three times as fast as a regular smartphone, and you have to have a charger that can handle that kind of power. Belkin's USB Type-C charger is invaluable if he commutes regularly or drives a lot for work.


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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro

USB battery packs are a dime a dozen. Finding one that charges itself quickly, and charges your phone or tablet battery up equally fast, is a tricky ask — but we've always liked Xiaomi's Mi Power Banks for exactly that reason. The Mi Power Bank Pro is another USB Type-C gadget, but it also has a regular USB port, and holds a massive 10000mAh charge for its skinny 13mm thickness.


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Apple iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

If your Dad has an iPhone — and let's be honest, he probably does — then his choice for battery charging cases are extensive. Great battery cases from brands like Mophie, Incipio and Belkin are all over the place, but for quality and features you can't look past Apple's excellent Smart Battery Case. It'll give you a total of 20 hours of video playback, long enough for even the lengthiest international flight.


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