What Does Every Camper Need? A Marshmallow Crossbow, Obviously

On today's episode of weird and wonderful weapons, we're going to look at the marshmallow crossbow from the Vancouver-based Litchfield. Why anyone would want such a device is beyond me, but there must have been some inkling of a market for it to be a thing.

Photos: Litchfield

Lacking even the most basic of product descriptions, the crossbow appears to be solidly built for its purpose of flinging soft confectionery at fellow humans.

That said, I can't really say how effective it is at the task, or whether such a spongy projectile would cause you harm (unlikely), but at the very least, whipping it out on a camping trip or similar external gathering should serve as a conversation starter for even the most socially desperate.

The crossbow would set you back $US90, or around $120 in local dollars, except Litchfield doesn't ship outside of the US and Canada. Which is probably for the best.

[Litchfield, via OhGizmo!]

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