Vodafone Is Showing Off Its Network By Broadcasting A Live Radio Show

Vodafone doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to service — "Vodafail" has been a tough label for the telco to shake. With Telstra's network woes at the forefront of customer's minds, what better time for Vodafone to show what its network can do, and prove it is a genuine alternative, than by providing the infrastructure for a live national radio broadcast? Vodafone's 4G availability is currently (slightly) better than both Telstra and Optus, after all.

Image: Supplied

For six weeks commencing today, Nova's Kate, Tim & Marty will be broadcast through Vodafone's 4G network to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth from 4pm to 6pm weekdays. The initiative is part of a wider network marketing campaign to demonstrate exactly what the billions of dollars worth of network investment by the telco has achieved.

"On top of Vodafone's Network Satisfaction Guarantee and our 40 per cent improvement in last year's CommsDay P3 Mobile Benchmark report, Australians can also listen to the Nova Drive show in any of the five capital cities to judge the reliability of our network for themselves," said Vodafone Chief Marketing Officer Loo Fun Chee.

This is Australia's most listened to drive show trusting Vodafone with its broadcast. It is move that could help either make or break the current reputation of Vodafone. If it all goes off without a hitch, we probably won't hear much about it. But if it fails — well, the Vodafail moniker could raise its head once more.

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