Tony Abbott Would Approve Of The Oxford Dictionary's Latest Addition

Languages evolve over time and as much as we might hate words being vandalised by roving bands of lexically-challenged youths, we can't really stop the march of our shifting vocabularies. Sometimes however, a good one sneaks in. Like "budgie smuggler". OK, good might be a little strong...

Image: steve p2008 / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

Yes, it's official — at least for the Oxford English Dictionary. For the publication's June 2016 update, the sub-entry "budgie smuggler" has been added to its burgeoning pages.

Turns out OED doesn't shy away from the task of adding new entries — the list of inclusions is extensive and if you have time, makes for an interesting read.

It also means budgie smugglers is in, uh, appropriate company:

budgie smugglers butt cheek butt crack butt plug butt-naked butt-ugly

Yeah, I think the OED has more than enough butts now.

[Oxford English Dictionary via ABC]

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