This RC Car, Powered By A Hand-Made 4-Cylinder Engine, Sounds Grunty As

Drones may be all the rage these days when it comes to compact, remote-controlled gadgets, but there's still a place for the humble RC car. Wait, did I say "humble"? Screw that. How about one with a tiny four-cylinder engine that sounds meatier than most go-karts?

A fellow by the handle "Grabenstein" decided to step up his RC game and rather than use an electric engine, he built his own four-cylinder, 60cc monster (relatively speaking).

Sure, it's not as grand as the 12-cylinder beast we saw a while back and it won't steal any records from a certain rocket-powered car, but it's a cool achievement nonetheless.

And, regardless of the practicality of such a gadget, it sounds simply marvellous in action.

Unfortunately for us, Grabenstein's channel doesn't really feature any videos about the construction of the car or its engine. However, for those interested in self-made RC skydivers, you're in luck!

His little shoes are just adorable.


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