This Honda Civic Ad Is... Interesting

Video: Have you ever been filming a dog show, then seen a meteor, then chased it, then gone back in time? No? No, we didn't think so. Us either.

Let's get this timeline right. CJ is at the dog show. CJ sees a meteor, and chases it. CJ gets to the now-meteorite's crash site. CJ walks into the blast crater. CJ is now in the past, and in the studio, and a television anchor. That must have been some powerful space dust.

This rather inventive, but nonetheless very fun, ad is for the new Honda Civic — out now — which sets itself apart from the crowd with a nifty-looking full-colour LCD instrument display, and a second 7-inch infotainment system that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

By the way — this ad has led us to take a look at the rest of Honda Australia's YouTube channel, which has other equally weird and great ads, like this one for the HR-V and this for the CR-V. [YouTube]

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