This GoPro Breakdancing Video Used 100 Cameras

Video: Remember the bullet time sequence from The Matrix? It used an array of cameras in series capturing video simultaneously, with a crack editor stitching them together in post-production to create three-dimensional freeze-framed moments. GoPro has taken that idea to its logical conclusion with a circular 100-GoPro rig recording an Oakland breakdancing crew in competition.

From GoPro: Led by the Johnny 5 Lopez, TURFinc combines the best moves of breakdancing, street style and classical prowess into some of the most expressive, intriguing performances to hit the Bay. If you haven’t heard of “Turf” before, it’s a street dance style that originated in Oakland and aims to give people an outlet for expressing their life stories and experiences.

For many of the dancers, Turf is a way to get off the streets and instead positively channel their energy through fast-paced, dynamic performances. GoPro couldn’t pass up the opportunity to collaborate, so we used a 100-camera circular GoPro array to capture an immersive look into the crew exhibiting its best moves.

The setup used 100 GoPro Hero 4 cameras in a custom-made circular rig. You can see some of the bet shots around 9:29 into the video. For more behind-the-scenes detail on the 100-camera setup, check out this shorter trailer:

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