The New Features That Help Make The Next Mercedes Benz E-Class So Revolutionary

The New Features That Help Make The Next Mercedes Benz E-Class So Revolutionary
The Mercedes-Benz E-Class has a 360-degree sensors array

Just when you thought cars couldn’t get much smarter, Mercedes-Benz has brought us the all new E-Class.

And it’s packed with brilliant technology to make your ride as safe and comortable as possible.

It boasts a 360-degree array of cameras, radars and other sensors. On board sensors check your blind spots, lane position and the distance to cars around you. If something sneaks into your blind spot, your car will register it, and alert you if you try and change lanes. It’s also ready to intervene when necessary, automatically braking to avoid an accident, or assisting you to steer to avoid a dangerous situation or when the driver over-corrects.

But it’s inside the car that the E-Class really shines. You can create an individual profile for each driver, to further enhance the comfort and driving experience. It can prompt you to take a necessary break, warning you if you’re at risk of micro sleep – a helpful feature for Australia’s vast open roads.

In case an accident is unavoidable, the E-Class moves to another level. When a side-on collision is imminent, the car puts as much distance between the front passengers and the collision as possible – inflating the side of the seat closest to the impact. The car will also play a “short interference signal” that prepares passengers’ ears for the sound of the collision, reducing the hearing damage that can result from a collision.

Comfort and safety take on a whole new dimension in this luxury car from the future.

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