Take A Sneak Peek At Apple's Mindblowing $6.7 Billion Spaceship Campus

Video: Apple has been raking it in with this whole "iPhone" thing, so they have some spare change to drop on a shiny new campus. The spaceship is finally looking like it's almost ready to blast off. Matthew Roberts recently flew his drone over the new Apple campus again to give us an update on the campus construction which is both over budget and behind schedule. The drone footage shows off a massive 9290-square-metre fitness centre, which will be useful for Apple employees to complete the activity rings on their Apple Watches. There's also an auditorium where Apple executives will gather to watch reruns of Friends. A research and development building, where Jony Ive and team will mix potions and practise magic, is also nearing competition.

The coolest part of this campus, however, are the massive solar panels that will produce 16 megawatts of power. Presumably, those will be used to charge all of the Teslas in the parking garage.

A rendering of the campus after construction (Image: Apple)

[9To5 Mac]

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