Simple Lines Explain Why Your Brain Loves Great Cinematography

It's easy to pinpoint certain things you love about a movie. I love Total Recall because of Arnold Schwarzenegger and scenes with exploding eyeballs. But in a great film, there is much more going on unconsciously that makes your brain love certain moments over others.

Composition Camera walks through some of film's most memorable scenes and shows why great cinematography is so important.

Images: Raymond Thi

The Twitter and Instagram account are ran by Raymond Thi, who's also developed a $US1 iOS app so we normals can attempt some cinematic perfection as well.

But these accounts alone are worth a follow for people who love film. Right now, Thi seems to be uploading a steady clip of pics at one every weekday. Here are a few of my favourites so far:

Silence of the Lambs

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Citizen Kane

Game of Thrones

The Lion King

Mad Max: Fury Road

Black Swan

The Shining

[comp_cam via PetaPixel]

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