Pokemon GO Is Live In Australia Right Now

Pokemon GO Is Live In Australia Right Now

This is the most important thing happening today. It’s live. Now.

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Myself and just about everyone else in my immediate vicinity just downloaded the full version of Pokemon GO from iTunes and the Google Play store. There aren’t a great deal of changes from the beta — you create a character and then choose to catch one of the three original starting Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle.

I’ve already made two accounts, one for Bulbasaur and one for Charmander. (I had a Charmander in the beta and I always picked Squirtle in the original Pokemon games, so I’m switching it up a bit.)

The app now has a battery saver option, something it didn’t have in the closed beta phase.

Images: Supplied

Most importantly: you can play your own music now! Spotify doesn’t seem to work while Pokemon GO is running, but I could get music through my LG G4’s default music player.

Here’s the download for Android users. Those on iPhones can play via this link. Have at it, people.