Pokemon GO Has Done Wonders For Nintendo's Stock

In something that will come as absolutely no surprise, the reception to Pokemon GO has been excellent news not just for Nintendo — but its shareholders too.

Image: Supplied

This post originally appeared on Kotaku.

The company's stock price has soared by a staggering 23.33% at the time of writing to ¥20,065 (~$264) in the last couple of days. It's the highest Nintendo's stock has been since August last year, when it hovered above ¥24,000 ($315.88) for a few days.

It's still well below the glory days of the Wii. But since the app launched on Wednesday Australian time, Nintendo's stock has put on 36.3% since the close of markets on Tuesday.

For a corporation the size of Nintendo, that's a staggering increase in value. And it's only set to climb higher, provided Niantic can sort out the server issues that have delayed the game's wider international launch.

Nevertheless, it shouldn't hurt the company's finances too much. Similarweb has posted figures showing that not only is Pokemon GO now more popular than Tinder, but it's starting to rival Twitter in terms of daily active users.

Image: Similarweb


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