Fsociety Has A Message For Australia

Fsociety Has A Message For Australia

Hey, Australia. The world’s most notorious (fictional) hacker group has a message for you. Who you voted for doesn’t matter. Whether you like Samsung or Apple, doesn’t matter. They’re all in it together, against you.

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The video — promoting the second season of Mr Robot) — opens with a “g’day”, so you just know it’s going to be good. It’s not silly or hackneyed, though — it’s actually kinda serious, railing against corporate greed:

“You’re seduced into buying products you don’t need, and pushed to borrow the money to keep buying — it’s the greatest con in history. We have more choice than ever, and none of it matters.

Do you shop Brand A, or Brand B? Did you vote left, or right? Who cares? They’re one and the same and they’re all in it together — but they’re not invincible.”

fsociety ends the video with a countdown to more videos on the way (complete with #wearefinallyawake hashtag), as well as a peek at some footage from the end of Mr Robot‘s first season. That season premieres on Wednesday next week.