Hilarious Aussie Short Questions Movie Logic Of Jason Bourne

The disappearing "wipe" act. You've seen it a hundred times before in as many films — a car or bus drives past the camera and as if by magic, our villain or hero vanishes. Have you ever wondered where they go exactly? This clip by the ever-comedic Aussie-based Michael Shanks provides us with one very surreal (and bloody) theory.

Called "The Bourne Wipe", the video sees our hero running through the streets, chasing a number of bad guys around town. However, he can never catch up to them and lo and behold, they employ the aforementioned tactic to get away.

Well, except for one unfortunate soul who ends up not getting it quite right.

From there it descends from the gory, to the eerie, to the straight-out weird. If you've enjoyed Shanks' previous work, including a duel between the TARDIS and DeLorean, then you'll find this just as great.


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