Everyone Is Listening To The Pokemon Theme

Just in case there was any doubt that Poke-fever has taken over the world (thanks to the success of Pokemon Go), here's a fun fact.

Spotify streams of the Pokemon Theme "Gotta Catch 'Em All" have increased 362 per cent globally in the past week. That's right, we are playing Pokemon, talking about Pokemon, dreaming about Pokemon and listening to Pokemon.

Image: iStock

Overall, streams of Pokemon songs on Spotify have more than tripled. There are currently 197 thousand user-generated "Pokemon" playlists and a further 53 thousand simply titled "Pikachu".

I'll admit to listening to some Poke-tunes during the Sydney Pokemon walk on the weekend, but all of this isn't my doing. Is it you? Are you listening to Pokemon music more now? Or even right now?

I wouldn't be surprised if there was an increase in Pokemon ringtones, too. When will the bubble burst? Never, I hope. I'm very much enjoying this future.

The top 5 most-streamed tracks are:

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