E.T. Is Technically In Star Wars, So I Guess It Goes In The Star Wars Exhibit

Yes, that is an E.T. wax sculpture surrounded by weird interpretations of Star Wars characters. Yes, it's really there. No, we don't know why. Image: Yemyself/Imgur

Internet users noticed the questionable placement over at Imgur this week, wondering if anybody working at Barcelona's Wax Museum (or the Museu de Cera) had seen Star Wars and just why Luke Skywalker looks like Meryl Streep in scrubs.

It's possible nobody at the museum has seen Star Wars, but somebody should have known that E.T. has his own film, right? Maybe it's some experimental performance piece on crossover fanfiction and we're just not in on the joke? It's also possible that it was the only place they could think to put the little alien, with all his space friends (the more likely answer).

It could also be a reference to how E.T. is technically in the Star Wars universe thanks to a little Easter egg in the Phantom Menace, but is that enough to have Steven Spielberg's famous alien included among the atrocious likes of balding, Ebenezer Scrooge-style Han Solo? Probably not.


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