Donald Trump Makes Apparent Pokemon GO Parody

Earlier today Donald Trump said that he doesn't have time to play Niantic's hot new game. But it seems like he did have time to approve an attack ad based around Pokemon GO. Trump's official Facebook page posted a video today that is an apparent parody of the game called Crooked Hillary No. Get it? Because he calls her that thing and "no" rhymes with oh dear God this is exhausting already.

In the video a trainer captures the Democratic hopeful, who of course has a Combat Power of 1. Her type is listed as "Career Politician" which is apparently a bad thing. Hillary's next evolution reads "Unemployed", and there's an entirely new stat called "Leaked Emails" that clocks in at 30,000. Because she did that thing that time. Remember?

While that's an exceptionally high number for any monster stat, it remains unclear what effect, if any, it has during actual battle.

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