Dean Devlin Explains Why They’re Rebooting Stargate and Sidestepping The TV Shows

Dean Devlin Explains Why They’re Rebooting Stargate and Sidestepping The TV Shows

We’re already getting teases for a Fantastic Beasts sequel. An Agent Carter alum joins the Death Note adaptation. The full cast of The Mist TV series has been revealed. Spidey hangs around in more Spider-Man: Homecoming set footage. Plus, new Star Trek Beyond footage, and another terrible teaser for The Walking Dead‘s return. Behold, spoilers!


Dean Devlin on the reboot, planned to be a trilogy:

It’s not a story that can take place 20 years later. So the only way to really tell that trilogy is to go back from the beginning and start the story all over again.

It was taken away from us, and it’s tough to have your children raised by other parents, even if they do a very good job. For us, it’s not putting down what has been done. It’s to let us finish telling our story.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2

David Yates is already teasing the sequel to the film, and how it pushes the Harry Potter franchise in a new direction:

We’ve seen the script for Part 2, for the second movie, which takes the story in a whole new direction — as you should, you don’t want to repeat yourself. The second movie introduces new characters as she builds this part of the Harry Potter universe further. It’s a very interesting development from where we start out. The work is pouring out of her.


Mortal Kombat 3

Christopher Lambert, who is somehow still attached after all these years, also still has hopes for the film:

They have a great idea for the third one. It will be very different. We are going to be travelling through time but in a very special way. So imagine characters having a battle in the middle of London and then whoosh, you smash through a window and find yourself on the hood of a New York cab.


Death Note

Shea Whigham (perhaps best known in these circles for his role as Chief Dooley in the first season of Agent Carter) has joined the Netflix film as internal affairs officer James Turner, the father of protagonist Light Turner. [Deadline]


Shawn Levy offers a hint on the casting of Starman in the reboot:

They would kill me at Sony if I mentioned it. I’ll just very enigmatically say that some of my top ideas are people I’ve worked with before either as a director or a producer.

Coming Soon has a list of actors that narrows it down to Levy’s teases, including everyone from James Franco, to Hugh Jackman, to Miles Teller.


The Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox’s comic about a group of children who find the body of a dead superhero is in development for a movie adaptation at Waypoint Entertainment. [Deadline]

The Dark Tower

Matthew McConaughey tells EW about the tonal approach to the film:

They wanted to go very human and grounded with this. Obviously there are mythical proportions of good and evil in Walter. But we didn’t want to go overly fantastic. That would drop the humanity. So Walter, for me, is a man who exposes hypocrisies.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man takes a criminal for a ride in new set video.

Star Trek Beyond

Here’s a new featurette focusing on Scotty and Jaylah.

Power Rangers

Here’s a series of new character posters:

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Pictures of Arthur and Jude Law’s King Vortigern, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

Pete’s Dragon

Two new clips from the movie have been released:

Lights Out

Spooky things going on in the dark in a new clip from the horror movie.

Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween

The poster for Tyler Perry’s bizarre Halloween film homages Halloween ’76.

The Mist

The full cast for the show has been revealed:

Gus Birney as “Alex Cunningham,” the teenage daughter of Kevin and Eve Cunningham. She’s always been the ‘good daughter,’ but her over-protective mother helps to kick-start a rebellious streak.

Dan Butler as “Father Romanov,” a priest who is caught in between modernity and tradition, he has lost his faith but clings to the ritual.

Luke Cosgrove as “Jay Heisel,” a popular local football superstar and the son of the town sheriff who finds himself accused of a heinous crime.

Danica Curcic as “Mia Lambert,” a drug-addicted woman on the run and in search of a mysterious stash of money.

Okezie Morro as “Jonah Dixon,” a military man with amnesia. He can’t remember who he is. As the truth about his identity unravels, shocking secrets will be revealed.

Darren Pettie as “Connor Heisel,” the local alpha male, town sheriff and father to local football superstar Jay. He struggles to maintain order in an increasingly chaotic and dangerous situation, finding himself up against many who have it out for his accused son.

Russell Posner as “Adrian Garff,” an insecure young teenager who comes to the defence of his best friend Alex, after she is the victim of a brutal crime. A witness to the crime, he finds himself at the center of a controversy which threatens to rip apart the community.

Isiah Whitlock, Jr. as “Gus Redman,” a local mall manager. When a new society forms from the mist survivors at the mall, Gus will have to decide if he will take the role of leader and exactly how far he will go to keep order.

[Coming Soon]

The Walking Dead

Finally, another new poster for season seven that tells us absolutely nothing about season seven. [CBR]

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.