Climate-Change Think Tank Official Fatally Stabbed In The US

Climate-Change Think Tank Official Fatally Stabbed in Baltimore

Molly Macauley, a researcher who published frequently on climate-change and public policy, was fatally stabbed Friday night in Baltimore, US while walking her dogs. Macauley, 59, was vice president for research at the Resources for the Future think tank in Washington D.C., as well as an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University.

She earned her masters and doctorate degrees in economics from Johns Hopkins, and published dozens of articles on the environment. Her areas of research included land conservation and forest carbon offsets. She wrote policy briefs on climate change and most recently, a piece on using drones to gather environmental data. Macauley also sat on the board of boards of two colleges and has testified before the US Congress.

Police do not yet have a suspect for the murder.

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