NBN Plans: Amaysim Is Expanding Into Broadband

Image: iStock

Amaysim has entered into an agreement to buy Australian Broadband Services, gaining access to a platform to enter the broadband market. As in mobile (where it runs on Optus' network), Amaysim will operate as a virtual network operator, leveraging the existing fixed line networks — including the NBN.

Amaysim said the move will get the telco ready for the "forced churn" event presented by the rollout of the NBN. Describing the broadband market as an "natural extension" of its existing business, Amaysim says the move answers ongoing requests by many of the company's mobile customers to provide broadband services.

So what can we expect from Amaysim broadband? Much of the same as its mobile offering — a low price, online-led, DIY service model. Amaysim says it expects to grow its broadband subscriber base, but maintain low cost of acquisition and low cost to serve.

Amaysim is planning mobile and home bundles, as well as selling "in the home" products.

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