Why The Screenplay Is An Essential Part Of What Makes A Movie Great

Video: Who gets the credit for a great movie? The director, obviously. It was his vision that came to life. The lead actors and the rest of the cast too. Their performances left an impact. The cinematographer even gets some love for how the movie was shot. And, of course, we have to give credit to the story.

But does that mean we're actually giving credit to the screenwriter? Michael Tucker explains in this video discussing Gillian Flynn's Gone Girls screenplay that we absolutely should.

Here's an interesting break down on why a great screenwriter is often underestimated in the making of a great movie. It cites the little cues they write down in the screenplay and how it helps the director and actor out. Tucker explains it in three ways: Efficient action lines, the last line is the point of the scene and the subplot character. Watch him explain in the video below.

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