Well, The American Gods Show Is Looking Pretty Much Perfect

Well, The American Gods Show Is Looking Pretty Much Perfect

We’ve been hearing about American Gods‘ excellent casting choices for a while now, but now we can see a few of them in action — new images have been released giving us our first look at Mr Wednesday, Shadow Moon and a memorable location from the book to boot.

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled two new photos, featuring Mr Wednesday (played by Ian McShane), Shadow Moon (played by Ricky Whittle) and Mad Sweeney (played by Pablo Schreiber) — with Shadow Moon and Mad Sweeney going toe-to-toe in front of the glory of Jack’s Crocodile Bar:

It’s a recreation of a scene early on in Neil Gaiman’s iconic novel, where Shadow is only just entering the weird and wonderful world of the gods, proving himself to Wednesday in his bust-up with Sweeney the leprechaun. Producer Bryan Fuller told the site that the set is the “tonal landgrab” for what American Gods wants to get out of its aesthetic:

It was one of the sets that we were the most excited about and an opportunity to do a tonal landgrab for what we are and what the style of the show will be. [Jack’s] is a kind of hillbilly chic aesthetic for Shadow’s entrée into the world of the gods.

And man, it looks pretty fabulous so far. American Gods is set to hit Starz next year. An Australian broadcaster has not yet been announced.