The Bizarre World Of Unsolicited Mark Zuckerberg Fan Art

The Bizarre World Of Unsolicited Mark Zuckerberg Fan Art

Mark Zuckerberg, who made a fortune turning his own social anxieties into a website, is an odd person to fawn over. He’s not a great public speaker. His motivations are questionable. And he copied his fashion sensibilities from a likely sociopath. And yet! Some members of Facebook are enamoured with him. So much so that they have taken to blanketing his Timeline with their own, lovingly crafted fan art — each Zuck creepier than the last. Often, the portraits mimic a particularly popular picture of Zuckerberg, like

Which in all fairness, was almost certainly done using some variety of photo editing software and not by hand. Unlike, say,

Also unlike many of the other portraits, this one actually seems to have been posted by its original creator. On her website, the artist, Tumi Sibambo, notes that she made this portrait “during my lunch hours, to thank him for creating such an awesome social media tool”.


The image is usually accompanied by the same message, more or less, making it seem as though it’s been integrated into some collection of Zuck comment bots. Why anyone who isn’t Mark Zuckerberg would spend his time creating an army of Zuck praise bots, however, is beyond me.

We’ve reached out to Mark Zuckerberg to ask if he has, in fact, created a complex series of bots with the sole purpose of doling out compliments and plastering his own face on his Facebook posts. At the time of publication, Zuckerberg has not yet responded to our request for comment.

Regardless, it’s the unique, cruder drawings that will always be the more interesting of the bunch.

Friend — I have not a single suggestion. You’ve made something perfect.

Which is Facebook wonderboy Mark Zuckerberg and which is Oscar award-winner (even though The Revenant was garbage) Leonardo DiCaprio? It’s impossible to say for sure.

On a post from Zuck’s This, while not hand drawn, is beautiful nonetheless:

Same goes for this:

On the day he

Then, on Mother’s Day:

Mark Zuckerberg received

a special collage of sorts:

Yet, despite it ostensibly being Priscilla’s special day, Mark was still the belle of the ball.

On a post about the Zuckerbergs’ incredibly vague something even Zuck himself could appreciate:

Mark also received this.

Which is, truthfully, a very good prank.

Then, on a post about Facebook’s developer conference, F8:

The world was bestowed with this:

During a recent trip to Barcelona:

A devoted fan left Mark a little familial surprise.

Which then received its own response:

Jafar is not wrong.

Still (and unfortunately for Zuck), it’s not all quite so adulatory.

But these instances are relatively few and far between.

Zuck, for his part, doesn’t seem quite so keen on returning the favour. As far as I can tell, he has yet to comment on a single one of his portraits. But don’t let the filthy rich cherub’s lack of interest discourage you, Zuck artists. Because either way, I appreciate it. And I beg of you — please — never stop.