Rogue One May Secretly Be A Star Wars Beach Party

Rogue One May Secretly Be A Star Wars Beach Party

In the realm of potential Star Wars stories, here’s one we never thought we’d write: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story may actually just be a huge beach party. A bunch of new photos from the film show Stormtroopers and Rebels alike soaking up the sun and frolicking in the surf.

Think we’re kidding? Check out these new photos, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

Of course, we’re mostly joking around — you need only watch the teaser trailer to realise a massive battle happens on this planet. But the photos, out of context, are kind of wonderful in that weird way. Because the Stormtroopers really looking like they might just be playing in the ocean.

There are more new photos too, including this one, which literally includes a Deathtrooper holding a Stormtrooper toy.

According to EW, “The filmmakers didn’t want to explain exactly what’s happening here, but they confirm: yes, that’s a Stormtrooper doll, a galactic version of a toy soldier. And it will have special significance in the story.”

Here are a few more photos from the film. Head to EW for several more.

Info about all of these characters was revealed yesterday, and you can read about it here.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Beach Party Story opens December 15. Expect a new trailer in July.

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