OnePlus 3 Is Coming, And This Time You Don't Need An Invite

OnePlus makes exciting smartphones at a great price point, but isn't exactly great when it comes to simplifying the purchase process. From a complicated invite system, to a ridiculously sexist "ladies first" selfie campaign there have been small windows of opportunity to just buy the damn phone like a regular human buying a regular product.

Want some good news? When the OnePlus 3 launches on 14 June, a simple purchase process won't just be a small window of opportunity, it will be the norm. But of course, this is OnePlus, so there's a twist

We loved the OnePlus One and OnePlus Two, even if they were hard to get a hold of.

On 15 June 2:30am AEST, the OnePlus 3 will be launched in a virtual reality experience, called the "Loop". "Step into the particle lift and enter the Loop, the world's first global shopping experience in VR," OnePlus says.

There will also be a peer review launched on the OnePlus site, which applications close for in three days.

"We built OnePlus together," it reads. "Your feedback and participation help guide everything we do, and it’s time to take that collaboration to the next level. Here in the Lab, we'll be working directly with the community — to make things better."

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