No One Told The Stars Of The X-Files That They Want To Make More Episodes

No One Told the Stars of The X-Files That They Want to Make More Episodes

So, uh, I guess this is awkward. Remember when the Chairman and CEO of Fox said, "I believe everyone is on board to do another instalment of the show"? Yeah, his belief was incorrect.

In a new interview with Deadline, Gillian Anderson said of the possibility of doing more X-Files episodes, "I'm open to the conversation, though they haven't come to us yet. I have no clue when they're going to." C'mon, Fox, this is easy. There are only a few people that are vital to the X-Files, and Gillian Anderson is one of them! David Duchovny, whom she implies is also in the dark, is the other!

Anderson continued on to say, "I'm getting on with the rest of my life and I'm booking other jobs, so if it is indeed something that they would like to continue, then that conversation will need to be had. And I have no idea when that will be able to take place at this juncture."

Yeah, and one of those other jobs is the perfect-lookingAmerican Gods. So, Fox snoozes, Fox loses.

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