NBN Figures Reveal Fibre To The Node Is More Popular than Fibre To The Premises

Earlier this month the federal government revealed take-up rates in areas with Fibre To the Node NBN availability, and now a deeper look at these figures has shown FTTN is being adopted at a far faster rate than Fibre To The Premises in its early days.

A detailed analysis from iTNews examines the data collected since the 2013 election up to February 2016 and includes 19,986 out of 23,232 connections.

The data comes from 48 FTTN areas from Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and NSW Central Coast areas as well as Bundaberg in Queensland.

When comparing FTTN and FTTP take-up, IT News used 2012-13 data released by NBN to a parliamentary committee, which contained similar take-up data areas and time frames.

The results of the analysis show a clear increase in take-up numbers for early FTTN versus early FTTP — some areas boast up to 40 per cent take up rates. But why do these numbers matter?

Well, it proves that NBN's focus on achieving more sign ups to the network is working. 10,000 activations a week were achieved by February this year, and now that figure has risen to 14,000 a week.

CEO Bill Morrow stated that NBN is "ahead of plan on activations, which is translating through to improved earnings."

You can see the full data analysis here.

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