Lunch Time Deals: $1000 Off A (Great) 60-Inch LG 4K TV

Lunch Time Deals: $1000 Off A (Great) 60-Inch LG 4K TV

Need a new big-screen TV? Today’s the day to pick one up if you’re near a JB Hi-Fi — you can score yourself $1000 off the price of a 60-inch LG Ultra HD telly, and it’s not a bargain basement model either. This deal is one of the best we’ve seen this year.

This particular LG 60UH770T TV is a relatively new 2016 screen, supporting Ultra HD Premium and HDR, with a native 3840x2160pixel resolution and support for 60Hz refresh rates, all running on LG’s versatile and streaming-app-friendly WebOS 3.0 smart TV interface.

You can find this deal at JB Hi-Fi, although you should try price-matching at competitors if stock runs low. In 2016, we think you’d be silly not to buy a 4K TV if you’re upgrading, as long as it’s one that supports HDR and that has HDMI 2.0a ports to support the fastest possible refresh rates and the highest resolutions — which the UH770T does.

Given that LG originally pegged the recommended price of this screen at $3799, you’re really saving yourself $1500 at JB’s $2296 asking price. It’s also even cheaper than the 55-inch version which JB doesn’t have on discount, making it look frankly unreasonably expensive at $2498.

Want a further 5 per cent off other JB Hi-Fi gear today (although specifically not this particular TV)? Well, you’re in luck. JB’s Instant Deals members get a unique 5 per cent off coupon in their mailbox today, and you should still be able to get one if you sign up now. [JB Hi-Fi / LG]