Idiot Who Says Zika Is A Conspiracy Still Wants You To Buy His Bug Spray

Idiot Who Says Zika Is A Conspiracy Still Wants You To Buy His Bug Spray

Websites like Natural News accuse the Centres for Disease Control of orchestrating a global conspiracy around the Zika virus. Specifically, they claim that the illnesses and birth defects that people are seeing have nothing to do with the virus, but instead have something to do with “chemicals” and vaccines. But Natural News still wants you to buy their bug repellant.

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Articles like “10 shocking reasons why Zika virus fear is another fraudulent medical hoax and vaccine industry funding scam” by Mike Adams (the Health Ranger!) appear next to ads selling “100% chemical-free” products that allegedly protect you from the “ZIKA MOSQUITOES!”

It’s all a bit confusing, given the fact that the article says Zika is a big hoax.

Screenshot from Natural News showing an ad claiming that the Zika virus fear is a hoax, right next to an ad about protecting yourself from “Zika mosquitoes” (Natural News)
Somehow, Natural News would like you to believe two conflicting ideas at once: That the Zika virus is not causing birth defects like microcephaly in newborns, and that you need to protect yourself from “ZIKA MOSQUITOES!” so that your baby doesn’t get microcephaly.

Here’s a sample from Mike Allen’s absurd article accusing the CDC of gross malfeasance and a global conspiracy:

By the way, the CDC is totally fabricating its claim that all cases of microcephaly are caused by Zika virus. This proclamation by the CDC was based on complete fiction, just like everything else the CDC claims about Bird Flu, Swine Flu and even the number of people who die from influenza each year (the CDC claims 35,000, but it’s a completely fabricated number).

Remember, the CDC is a criminal organisation tied to the financial interests of Big Pharma.

You can click on the ad right next to the article and take a quick peek at the “big questions” raised by the Zika virus which, again, seems like they contradict the article:

Part of an advertisement hosted on Natural News for a “natural” bug spray to combat Zika virus (Image: Natural News)
Not only does the bug spray ad specifically reference the CDC’s warning about Zika and microcephaly, you can scroll down to see graphic illustrations of what children born with the disease look like, shrunken heads and all:

Part of an advertisement hosted on Natural News for a “natural” bug spray to combat Zika virus (Image: Natural News)
In case you were wondering whether this ad was sponsored by someone completely different, rest assured that the bug spray is being sold and promoted by the very man who says the CDC’s information about Zika is all a hoax. Do you recognise this man from further down in the ad? It’s our buddy, The Health Ranger! It even has his name on the bottle!

Part of an advertisement hosted on Natural News for a “natural” bug spray to combat Zika virus (Image: Natural News)
I reached out to Mike Adams (The Health Ranger!) to ask about both his seemingly contradictory stand on Zika and his credentials as a medical professional. But I received what looks like a canned response over email:

Thank you for reaching out to Mike Adams and NaturalNews. Mike is always excited to hear about new projects in our field. However, he does not have the opportunity to participate in all of the offers he is invited too. His main focus right now are the launching of the new grow box, his labs and his new book Food Forensics. He simply is not doing many interviews or other projects at this time. We wish you the very most success in all that you do!

Well, at least they wished me success. Honestly, I’d also love to ask Adams about the nuclear holocaust part of his story. Because, man, I’ve seen slippery slopes before, but this one might be the slipperiest:

Now that Zika fear is being hyped up by the corrupt, scientifically illiterate mainstream media, most people just stand aside as governments throughout the Americas spray all sorts of toxic, deadly chemicals all over the place.

Now the new mantra for chemical pollution is, “It’s for Zika!” and then everybody backs off. It’s almost like “playing the Zika card” to justify almost anything.

Right now, the Obama administration could unleash a nuclear holocaust across America and claim, “The radiation is to stop Zika!” and everybody would just go along with it (because they’re totally obedient to false authority).

But I understand that he’s a very busy man who doesn’t have time for interviews where his claims might be challenged. If The Health Ranger reads this article and finds the time, I’d still love to talk with him and will update this post if I hear back.

In the meantime, you should probably not bother buying bug repellant from people who think that the CDC is orchestrating a worldwide conspiracy to make them sick. People like The Health Ranger love to toss around phrases like “Big Pharma” to scare people into buying their “natural” products. But they’re happy to exploit very legitimate fears around Zika, even if it means completely contradicting their own articles.

The next time someone tells you that the major drug companies are only out to make a buck (which is mostly true, but doesn’t detract from the fact that they make medicine that usually work) just remind them of The Health Ranger’s bullshit claims about Zika. Amazingly, these contradictions are what helped turn “alternative medicine” into a $US34 ($46) billion industry.